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Old towns have old secrets

Join Mari and Ridge as they work together to attempt to solve a decade’s old mystery and decipher an ancient family tree before time runs out.

Old towns have old secrets

After living in the shadow of her parents for as long as she can remember, it’s time for Marigold Wilder to make her own choices.

When her grandfather passes away, Mari is adamant about attending his funeral even with her parents dead set against it. She packs a bag and heads for Beaconfield, but the old maritime town isn’t the summer home she remembers.

A bizarre series of disturbing events unfold, reuniting Mari with her childhood crush, Ridge, and forcing the two of them to unearth the town’s haunting past.

As they grow closer, Mari and Ridge unwittingly take on the responsibility of solving a decade’s old mystery as they work together to decipher an ancient family tree.

With time running out, they need to work fast before the funeral Mari came to Beaconfield to attend becomes her own.

Beaconfield - BRL - FRONT 3D Render.png

Mari Wilder

Can she solve a decades-old mystery?

This is Mari, she came back to Beaconfield for a funeral, now she's trying to get out of town before that funeral becomes her own.

Ridge Abbott

Can he protect what he loves most?

A Beaconfield native who has always known that there was something off about the town. When Mari returns, suddenly his worst nightmare has come true.

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